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 What is UML?               UML

The OMG specification states:

"The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a graphical language for visualizing,
specifying, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of a software-intensive system.
The UML offers a standard way to write a system's blueprints, including conceptual
things such as business processes and system functions as well as concrete things such
as programming language statements, database schemas, and reusable software

The important point to note here is that UML is a 'language' for specifying and not a method or procedure. The UML is used to define a software system; to detail the artifacts in the system, to document and construct - it is the language that the blueprint is written in. The UML may be used in a variety of ways to support a software development methodology (such as the Rational Unified Process) - but in itself it does not specify that methodology or process.


What is DBMS?               

As one of the oldest components associated with computers, the database management system, or DBMS, is a computer software program that is designed as the means of managing all databases that are currently installed on a system hard drive or network. Different types of database management systems exist, with some of them designed for the oversight and proper control of databases that are configured for specific purposes. Here are some examples of the various incarnations of DBMS technology that are currently in use, and some of the basic elements that are part of DBMS software applications.

As the tool that is employed in the broad practice of managing databases, the DBMS is marketed in many forms. Some of the more popular examples of DBMS solutions include Microsoft Access, FileMaker, DB2, and Oracle. All these products provide for the creation of a series of rights or privileges that can be associated with a specific user. This means that it is possible to designate one or more database administrators who may control each function, as well as provide other users with various levels of administration rights. This flexibility makes the task of using DBMS methods to oversee a system something that can be centrally controlled, or allocated to several different people.



What is .NET?       Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5 logo.png

The .NET Framework is Microsoft's application development platform that enables developers to easily create Windows applications, web applications, and web services using a myriad of different programming languages, and without having to worry about low-level details like memory management and processor-specific instructions.

.NET is probably one of the more muddled and mismanaged brands in the history of Microsoft. If you go to it will tell you that ".NET is the Microsoft Web services strategy to connect information, people, systems, and devices through software," but this isn't what most people are thinking of when they say, ".NET." What is commonly referred to as .NET is programming with the .NET Framework.


What is Smart Card?        

"It’s a small world." It’s no more just a saying -- it is a reality today. The ways people communicate and transact business have changed drastically from what it used to be. The advancements in the digital communication and the embedded industry have a great impact on this. The way business is done has also evolved from the pay-n-take transaction model to the online transaction model where one can complete a sale or any similar transaction just a few mouse clicks.

In such a world enterprises can provide value-added services and enhance their customer base as most banking and retail chains have done by giving out free services such as online banking, the option to buy and sell stocks online, etc. This applies to large corporations and small businesses like a coffee shop that provides its customers Wi-Fi access to the Internet while they enjoy their coffee. The success of such transactions and the business using them relies on the level of security and service competence offered by the vendor.


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